Mies, joka halusi nähdä koko maailman (“The man who wanted to see the whole wide world”) is an interactive puppetry performance based on a story by author Kaarina Helakisa. The script and visual design of the performance is created by Iida Vanttaja.

The performance respects life and all the living species in the planet, as well as the beauty created by people in all its forms. This performance tells the story of a small man wandering around the world using maps, books and imagination. The production uses magic and humor and brings the whole world in front of the viewers’ eyes. Mies, joka halusi nähdä koko maailman premiered at Sellosali in Espoo on February 2019. It was also performed at Hurraa! festival in March – and received fascinated feedback from both adult and child audiences.

The production showcases multiple techniques of puppetry and visual theatre. In front of the spectators’ eyes the puppeteers create the beautiful and magical world with table puppets and shadows. In the performance a whale can sing in the ocean and a jungle grows out of the wallpapers. The atmospheric soundscape of the performance carries the story around the world.

The performance is especially aimed for kids between 4-8 years. It’s an atmospheric and enchanting story about facing one’s dreams and fears, of a small person in the big world and about how imagination and sharing tend to make people happy. The performance is also suitable for kids’ and elders’ shared theatre experience.

7.11.2019 at 10 am.
Performance venue: Seikkailupuisto Seikkis
Duration: 35min
Age recommendation: 4+
Language: Finnish
Techniques used in the performance: Table puppets, objects, shadow theatre, video projections

Tickets 5 €

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