Bolshoy Puppet Theatre: FAR AWAY / Daleko-Daleko (RU)

TIP-Fest’s opening performance a fairy-tale for adults inspired by The Wild Swans by Hans-Christian Andersen and Six Swans by the Grimm Brothers

“Far away, in the land where swallows go in the winter, there lived a King. And he had six sons and one daughter. And he loved them more than anything in the whole wide world…”

When we grow up, loving the magic of fairy tales, we all think that our life will be just like that – long and beautiful and full of magic. Then the reality kicks in, and the real tests come with it, the tests which we must pass for the sake of our loved ones, the tests, the price for which may be life itself.

A slow, beautiful, but painful dance of the six young men is about how the body resists the metamorphosis. The dance creates a perfect illusion that the body will break in two halves: this is how strongly one arm, naked, reaches up, like a wing, and the other, still clothed, is trying to bring it back… Torture instead of a flight. It’s powerful. Emotional. This is a grown-ups’ route.” – St.Petersburg Theatre Journal.

Anna Ivanova is a director who believes in the most interesting type of the puppet theatre in which everything that comes close to the actor’s hand, and sometimes the hand itself, becomes a puppet. …A tough, pitiless, honest and totally devoid of sentimentality coming-of-age story.”

6.11. at 8 pm.
Theatre: Aurinkobaletti
Running time: 60 min
Age recommendation: +9
Language: In English (very little text)
Techniques used in the performance: humanettes, shadows, object manipulation,  animation, dance

Tickets: 22 /17€

Work Group: Director: Anna Ivanova Designer: Vitalia Samuilova Choreographer: Tatjana Gordeeva Sound Designer: Anatoly Gonje Light Designer: Anastasija Kuznetsova Cast: Maria Batrasova, Ekaterina Lozhkina, Anatoly Guschin, Denis Kasatchuk, Mikhail Lozhkin, Vassilisa Ruchimskaya, Renat Shavaliev, Ales Snopkovsky, Ivan Solntsev, Dmitry Tchupakhin. The performance visit is supported by Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

Festival club!

Welcome to celebrate the festival evening with us to Manilla’s Vanha Viinatehdas! Itäinen Rantakatu 64, 20810 Turku Doors at 9 pm! Free entry! Age limit

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