Aura of Puppets & Turun Kaupunginteatteri: NÄLKÄ (FI)

Pulsatile veins! Compelling power relations!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula and other vampire tales from the 19th Century become alive in Lee Lahikainen’s renewal of the classic.

The performance gives voices for count vampire’s ex-mistresses that will tell the stories of Jonathan, Lucy and Mina. What kind of consequences does gory lust entail? Does Dracula’s memory prevail even when impaled to death? The performance is a beautiful but grotesque tragic comedy on characters that struggle with their traumas, neuroses – and eating babies.

Nälkä combines exceptional teqhniques: historical paper puppets and experimental contemporary puppetry.  It’s strongly visual, timeless and current story on exploitation of power and sexuality – and at the same time pure gothic romanticism.

Director, performers and visual designers are part of Aura of Puppets network that has been awarted with Finland Art State Prize. Music in the performance is composed by musician Aino Venna.

Nälkä will continue at Turku City Theatre’s Sopukka also after TIP-Fest 2019

Performances at TIP-Fest: Thu 7.11. at 7pm (premiere) | Sat 9.11. at 9pm
Other performances: 14.11.-21.12.2019
Performance venue: Sopukka, Turku City Theatre
Tickets: 27/25/17 €
Duration: 1h
Age recommendation: 15+, not recommended for sensitive people
Language: Finnish

Work group:
Director: Lee Lahikainen
Puppet construction: Tytti Marttila, Lee Lahikainen
Script: Anu Kaaja, Lee Lahikainen
Costume design: Pia Kalenius
Light design: Irene Lehtonen
Composer: Aino Venna
Graphic design: Jara Pohjonen
Performers: Reetta Moilanen, Anna Nekrassova, Riina Tikkanen
Production: Workgroup, Aura of Puppets and Turku City Theatre

Festival club!

Welcome to celebrate the festival evening with us to Manilla’s Vanha Viinatehdas! Itäinen Rantakatu 64, 20810 Turku Doors at 9 pm! Free entry! Age limit

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