Maija Westerholm co: DATING MR. C (FI)

Dating Mr. C is a solo performance combining puppetry and physical comedy. The performance is a story on not being in a relationship and a commentary on individual’s right for living outside the society’s traditional norms.

In the centre of the story we’ll meet Kielo in her thirties. She’s traveling through life towards the inescapable. Or is it inescapable after all? What will be Kielo’s favourite flower and her happy ending?

Work group:
Concept, performing, puppet construction and dramaturgy: Maija Westerholm
Script: Roosa Vastamäki
Direction: Kati Keskihannu
Puppetry direction and puppet construction assistant: Helena Markku
Sound design, composing and technical assistant: Valtteri Alanen
Light design: Sinimaria Tomperi
Visual design: Maija Westerholm and Helena Markku
Costume design: Suvi Hakala
Sounds: Work group, Antton Kainulainen and Markus Kaustell
Violin: Karen Soinila
Haave-Tango (The Tango of the Dreams): comp. Valtteri Alanen and Helena Markku, lyr. Roosa Vastamäki

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