TEHDAS Theatre: AFGHANISTAN 100 – the years of interdepencence (FI)

Afganistan 100 – the years of interdependence is a visual discovery in the world that demands crossing boundaries. Multiartistic work group combines different cultural backgrounds as well as contemporary puppetry and audiovisual and video art professionals. 

In collaboration with artists and activists from Turku, Helsinki and Afghanistan, document theatre production dives into memories, news and mental images of 100 years old Afghanistan. At times the production breaks the surface for some air and reflections: what did we actually saw? Who’s truth that actually represents?

The script is written in collaboration with people that view Afghanistan from different distances. Stories based in true events have been collected by interviewing various Afghan people and experts, but the dramaturgy also carries the confusion of the Finnish artist: What is my role in this (world)?

The production has been inspired by the term “afghanistanism” that critizises focusing on problems out there, far away – while there are problems to solve in the neighbourhood too. The term implies that we shouldn’t be interested in Afghanistan, because it doesn’t have anything to do with our lives – or does it?

Performance space: TEHDAS Theatre, Vintti space Duration: 1hr Language: Finnish Techniques used in the performance: Paper theatre, video projections Work group Dramaturgy: Seija-Leena Salo, Shakiba Adil Director: Seija-Leena Salo Scenography and visual design: Johanna Latvala Video art: Anna Knappe ja Amir Jan Light design:  Irene Lehtinen Sound design and music: Henri Hyökyvirta Producer: Sanna Soni Graphic design: Nina Huurrevaara Production: TEHDAS Theatre

Performer: Maiju Tainio. The performance also includes various alternating Afghanistan experts.

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