Maiju Tainio ja työryhmän esitys hollho erzebet päähahmo

Maiju Tainio & Co.: Holló Erzébet (By Her Own Hand)

6.-11.11. Manilla, Vanha Viinatehdas I

I am Holló Erzébet. This happes now. When I am telling the story it happens. Ugly  becomes beautiful and all things beautiful rise doubts. That’s how my story is. Now keep quiet while I speak!

Known as the Blood Countess, Erzébet Báthory who lived over 400 years ago, is the most notorious female killer in history. When Erzébet sends an invitation to her castle, it is an offer one can not refuse!

We sneak through the velvet curtain to see on stage two women who encounter in the labyrinthine hallways of poetry.

These encounters weave together a tapestry that can be perceived as mythic yet mundane as well as cruel, yet vulnerable.

Candles are lit and in the limelight we can see the terribly wonderful puppet countess herself: the dreadful Holló Erzébet!

Holló Erzébet (by her own hand) is a cheek-reddening cabarésque puppet theatre performance with live music. It is based on a poetry book Sisäänkirjoitettu kreivitär written by Eeva Siivonen.


On stage: Pia Kalenius, Sanna Nieminen, Sini Palokangas and Antton Kainulainen
Direction, adaptation: Maiju Tainio
Script: Eeva Siivonen
Puppets: Maiju Tainio and Pia Kalenius
Sound design and composing: Sini Palokangas

Light design: Antton Kainulainen
Scenography: Maiju Tainio and group
Costume design and props: Riikka Mellin

Duration: 1 hour
Language: Finnish


6 November 20:30 Premiere Viinatehdas Manilla
7 November 20:30 Viinatehdas Manilla
The performance is a part of Poetry Week – Poetry festival in Turku
Additional performance 11 November at 7 p.m.

Tickets from Holvi

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