Suomen Varjoteatteriyhdistys: SHADOW SWING

6 November at 10p.m. TEHDAS Theatre

Suomen Varjoteatteriyhdistys: Shadow Swing Show

Shadow Swing is a shadow theatre performance wihtout words with a witty story.

Shadow Swing show tells a story of urban dwellers, worn out by constant labor and drawn into the sweaty joys of dance. Music re-ignites their inner passion turning it to a festive illumination.

Black-and-white film ambiance and old school slapstick tradition define the performance that serves swing music straight from 1920’s and 30’s. Duration: 30 min Language: Without spoken words

Premiere 27 September in Light and Shadows -event in Alavus FI

Working Group:
Tytti Marttila and Petri Lappalainen
Duration: 30 min
Language: without words

Unfortunately two nights of shadow theatre performances has been cancelled. There will be one shadow theatre performance with the hints of swing! Those who has bought ticket for Night of the Shadows have been contacted via email.

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