Artists and creators

Aura of Puppets or AofP is a network, coalition and an umbrella for contemporary puppet theatre. Aura of Puppets has currently 47 members who are working as a puppetry professionals in various positions.

Aura of Puppets has its roots in Turku and most of the members are actively involved in the art scene of the puppetry capital of Finland.

Aura of Puppets offers the viewers and other clients diverse know-how in the form of new puppet theatre and customized services.

Explore the creators and artist of Aura of Puppets!

Krueger, Mona

Puppetry artist

Krueger directs and performs as she mixes different elements of theatre.

Puranen, Tiina

Puppetry artist

Puranen is puppetry artist in free field

Falke, Ishmael

Director, puppeteer, actor

Ishmael works as puppetry and performance artist as well as a teacher on his field of arts.

Lammi, Hanne

Puppetry artist

Lammi is specialist in street puppet theatre, puppet building and handling and workshops.

Kalenius, Pia

Puppetry artist

Actor, puppeteer, visual creators and builder.

Nekrassova, Anna

Puppetry artist

Nekrassova works as a puppeteer, puppet builder, director, performer, singer, dancer...

Mäkinen, Nanna

Puppetry artist

Mäkinen enjoys of performing and puppeteering

Westerholm, Maija

Puppetry artist

Westerholm performs, directs, builds puppets and perform as a puppeteer

Sillanpää, Laura

Puppetry artist

Sillanpää builds, writes and works with puppets.

Dirty Duckling

Adorable puppetry group

Versatile. Active. Playful. Uncompromising. Likable.

Väänänen, Anna-Kaisa

Puppetry artist

Väänänen could even breathe life into a wooden stick.

Virtanen, Lotta

Puppetry artist

Virtanen performs, does scenography, builds, costumes, properties..

Lahikainen, Lee

Puppetry artist

Lahikainen's specialty includes puppetry and puppet building, mask building, mask theatre and other physical theatre as well as costume and body-mask building.

Hallantie, Laura

Puppet builder, performer

Hallantie has focused especially on puppet building.

Taussi, Mira

Puppetry artist

Taussi performs, directs and teaches basis visual and photography art.

Herrainsilta, Outi

Visualizer, puppet builder, performer

Herrainsilta works as a visual designer and performer.

Väyrynen, Hilla

Puppet builder, composer

Väyrynen is composer and puppet builder


Experimental puppetry duo

Livsmedlet change the perception of everyday life and reality

Pöyhönen, Merja

Director, performer

Pöyhönen directs, performs, educates and consulates

Sippola, Outi

Puppetry artist

Sippola’s specialties include performance and dramaturgical concepts.

Chauzov, Roman

Puppet builder, scenographer, visualizer, sketch drawer, stage miniature builder

Chauzov creates, visualizes and builds characters and does scenography.

Rajala, Alma

Puppetry artist

Rajala is a director and performer who in her work combines puppetry to different genres such as dance, sound art and spoken theatre.

Väntsi, Timo

Director, performer, puppet builder

Väntsi performs, directs and build puppets.

Latvala, Johanna

Visualizer, builder, director

Latvala directs, sets up stages and creates experimental performance concepts.

Rutanen, Jenni

Puppetry artist

Rutanen builds puppets and space, directs and acts with puppets

Halme, Roosa

Puppetry artist, composer

Halme is interested of puppeteering and composing