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TIP-Fest & Friends -ennakkoklubi 4.11. Vanhalla Viinatehtaalla

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Varaslähtö Turku International Puppetry Festivaliin lauantaina 4.11. klo 18–21!

Manillan Vanhan Viinatehtaan hämyyn pääsee jo pyhäinpäivänä, kun Turku International Puppetry Festivalien ennakkoklubilla, jossa nähdään liettualaisen Tautvydas Galkauskas’n: nukketeatterillinen ja humoristinen teos How To Swim.

19:00 How to Swim, kesto n. 50 min
20:00 esitystä seuraa keskustelutilaisuus esityksen teemoista. Keskustelua vetää TIP-Festin taiteellinen johtajan Ishmael Falke.

Vapaa pääsy, tervetuloa!

Tautvydas Galkauskas (Liettua): How To Swim

In the world of entertainment, we are used to seeing human protagonists, but what if the main character in a show was a stone? Or should I call it rock? Well, it doesn’t matter. Surprisingly, there is a show out there that has taken this creative leap. This performance will focus on the main character in this show, a talented stone, and explore its physical appearance, talents, and abilities, as well as its impact on the other characters and the plot.

Photo: Simonas Lukoševičius

At first glance, the stone may seem like a simple and unremarkable object. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that there is something special about it. The stone is rough and jagged, with a unique pattern of colors and lines that give it a distinctive appearance. It is also surprisingly heavy for its size, which adds to its mystique. 

Despite its inanimate nature, the stone possesses a multitude of talents and abilities. For one, it has an uncanny ability to sense the emotions and intentions of those around it, almost as if it were alive. It can also communicate with other objects, such as laptops and television, in a way that humans cannot. 

Humans are initially skeptical of its abilities and dismiss it as a mere rock. However, as they spend more time with the stone and witness its incredible talents firsthand, they begin to see it in a new light. The stone becomes a symbol of hope and inspiration for them and its presence.

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